domingo, 9 de septiembre de 2018

We are all one people

I have walked among black people, white people, yellow people, beige people, blue people and, when I sailed on the ships, some very green looking people. I have mingled  with billionaires and I have dined with those who had nothing to give - yet they gave me everything.

While travelling around the world working, I slept in some of the finest hotel beds. I have also shared the floor with beautiful nuns with whom I shared heart-warming conversations. Yet, not a single word was spoken. Nobody spoke English and I was the only foreign woman in a temple as big as Buckingham Palace.

I have lived among Jewish people and I have lived with Muslims. I have lived with Catholics and Christians. I have been to Tibet to see His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s Homeland. I also lived in China. In both countries and among both Tibetan people and Chinese people, I learned more than I could have ever possibly imagined.

I have been to Europe. I have lived in the Middle East. I have been to Africa and America. I have been to Russia and next I am going to Greece.

I have worshipped in churches. I have kneeled in Cathedrals. I went to the Vatican and I stood hugging The Tree of Life in Bahrain. I stood in awe of Temples and Mosques. I sat for some time with Shamans and Witches. I walked among the finest physicians and the simplest of people living in remote areas, with no schooling, who had such great knowledge of Healing Plants.

I have befriended highly educated people and people who had no schooling at all. I have walked among the dead and the dieing.

Do you know what differences I, truly, saw between us?  - None.

We are all Human Beings. We are all Beings made of Energy and Matter.

We are all brothers and sisters who just have a different way of saying, and doing, things.

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